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In A Hurry? Z-Bolt® Green Laser Modules Can Be Purchased Online Today

Beam of Light Technologies accepts purchase orders, purchasing cards, and contracts from duly authorized personnel of all US Military Branches,the U.S Defense Dept. / U.S. Armed Services, Federal, State and Municipal Law Enforcement. Also Corporate Entities and Consumer Retail. Beam of Light Technologies ships to destinations worldwide. Please include contact name and e-mail address with faxed Purchase Order Documents; e-mail Purchase Orders to Karen Mueller in Word or PDF format.
Fax: (603) 386-6644

DUNS: 051165749
CCR Cage Code: 8AKQ6

Design Services

  • Module Sizes (Diameter & Length)
  • Pulse Modulations
  • PCB Circuitry Design
  • Power Connectors - Wire Lengths or Springs
  • Operating Temperature Ranges
  • Beam Deviation (in relation to outside casing)


Development costs will be associated with first engineering samples for client review. All price quotes and project scheduling agreed upon before implementation of module design and manufacturing. We look forward to working with you!

Technical Questions?

Please contact us to discuss your OEM project:

John Mueller
Beam of Light Technologies, Inc.
503 867 1617

Beam of Light Technologies, Inc.
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